Grease Traps

Don't let an exterior grease trap clog your business!

Regularly scheduled maintenance is the key to preventing odors and costly back-ups.

"Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) are a byproduct of cooking, food and drink preparation, and meat preparation. FOG is generated from meat fats, shortening, butter, margarine, sauces, and dairy products. When these products are washed down the drain from cookware, utensils, and other means, they can impact plumbing and sewer collection system."



"FOG present in wastewater can block plumbing and sewer lines. When FOG cools down, it congeals and hardens, and will build up on the inside of pipes and sewer lines. The build up of FOG will eventually block the line and potentially result in sewer overflows into businesses, nearby homes and local waterways, potentially causing a loss of business and severe public health impacts such as cholera, dysentery and hepatitis. Overflows impacting public health, wastewater, and storm drains may result in expensive cleanup costs as well as fines from regulatory agencies."


General Permit for the Discharge of Wastewater Associated with Food Service Establishments

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